Forma Un-Conference, 2PM Saturday

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Cathal Garvey

Mar 26, 2015, 7:03:39 PM3/26/15
Hi friends,
Just a reminder that we're plotting to host an Unconference the day
after the conference, Saturday, and the time we're planning is 2PM
although I and others will likely be trolling around and setting up
projectors earlier than that. The location of Forma is "Grattan House",
a peculiar one-story building to be found here at the junction of Shear
Street and Grattan Street:

The point of an Unconference is to encourage people to "show and tell"
and to have a good chat in inspiring company; if you have something
you're working on that a bunch of bio-inspired geeks would like to see,
you can use our laptop/projector if you've slides and give us your spiel
as casually or professionally as you please!

We *ought* to have decent internet for the first time tomorrow in
Grattan House, courtesy of Cork Internet Exchange, though whether we'll
have Wifi connected to that internet or not is an uncertain thing.

We'll have some tasty finger-food courtesy of Ur-Member Steve and
possibly more paid for out of our unspecified "social budget" if we get
enough RSVPs, but we might not have many physical chairs. Manage
expectations! :)

Looking forward to seeing ye there, and (dons shameless promotion hat)
at the Synbio Future conference tomorrow:


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