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Dakota Hamill

Oct 5, 2014, 9:42:33 PM10/5/14
to diybio...@googlegroups.com
I just snagged a cash infusion which I'm going to dump into my company.  I'm  sleeping in my lab synthesizing compounds worth 100000x the value of the starting reagents.  I'm looking for people that are smarter than me in particular areas to potentially join the company.  

I've realized trying to convince my friends from college to start a company is a bad idea, simply put, because they don't want to.  I'm looking for people willing to sacrifice things in their life in return for potential gains.  If your past times include skipping parties to read journal articles and plan synthetic routes, welcome aboard!

In reality, I'm not good at programming and engineering, but I am good at chemistry.  I'm looking for someone who is good at things I am not good at.  If you surround yourself with people smarter than you, you will constantly learn.   I can handle and have people ready who can handle the bench side of the company, but I"m looking specifically for someone who could deal with large databases and programming/website side of things.  That said, if you're a bad-ass scientist or engineer, don't hesitate to message me.

Think CAS# (for every molecule ever recorded by the human species) as well as the entire database of all journal literature ever published (DOI #s)

I'm past the "wantrepreneur" stage of my life and looking to get things to market as soon as possible, perfect or not.  I have access to sources of capital and want to grow the company fast to secure a partially unrealized market.

I'm specifically messaging the Boston side of things because I live outside Boston, and it's important to me to be in close contact with people at this stage of things.

If you'd like to speak more, reply to me.  I'm open to everyone and everything, even if its not business related.  I love science!

If you're a shitty person without morals, don't message me.  I highly value loyalty above all, and the ability to learn new things to me is worth 100x the ability to memorize useless things.  

Be creative.  Be driven.



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