PID controlled PWM of a 12 v high frequency (15 kHz) dc motor using esp32

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Ajay Singh Redhu

Feb 14, 2024, 6:36:51 PMFeb 14
to DIY PID Control
Hello all,

Came here after reading the Blog by Brett to improve Beginner's PID library. I am currently working on a problem, where I want to control the speed of a 12v dc motor using high frequency PWM. I am able to control the motor speed using potentiometers to change duty cycle of PWM by esp32.

Now, I want to make a close loop control of the motor speed using PID to control duty cycle of PWM and therefore the speed of the motor. For the starters I now the relation between PWM duty cycle and motor speed which is linear by the way. So, I know the desired values of the PWM corresponding to the desired speed.

Any suggestion on how can I proceed from here to control PWM using PID? 

Thanks in advance!

Pieter S

Feb 16, 2024, 11:16:21 AMFeb 16
Hi Ajay

How do you plan to feed the speed signal back?
position rate of change,

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