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Aug 31, 2021, 8:15:48 AMAug 31

All – first, my apologies for the delay, which as Efrem explained a few minutes ago, was the unfortunate result of my travel over the past 5 days. Despite the relatively small number of entries, it was an interesting round. As you can see below, Efrem Mallach and Judy Madnick were tied with 5 votes apiece. In addition, they were both tied in the four-round rolling scores with 9 apiece. Since Judy has the higher cumulative score since Round 1, she is Da Winnah, and deals the next round. Efrem can console himself with the status of Real Winner. The word comes from the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English (1919), and was picked by Johnny Barrs. As noted below, I combined it with Paul Keating’s substantively identical def.




1              A mildly narcotic paste made from the crushed stamens of various species of anemones. Submitted by Mike Shefler who voted for 2 and 9. One vote from Naylor.  Total: 1

2              A tall, often beehive-shaped superstructure set above the inner sanctum of a Hindu temple in northern Indian temple design. Submitted by Judy Madnick, who voted for 10 and 11. Votes from Embler, Shefler, Naylor, Druce and Bourne. Total: 5


3              Breeding station for horses. Submitted by Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English (1919), combined with Paul Keating (a stud farm). Keating voted for 10 and 11. Dictionary did not vote. One vote from Barrs. D1. Total for Keating: 1


4              A large sand dune with smaller dunes that form on the leeward and windward faces. Submitted by Shani Naylor, who voted for 1 and 2. One vote from Lodge. Total: 1


5              A male or female who is the center of attention for a group of males. Submitted by Daniel Widdis, who voted for 8 and 10. One vote from Bourne. Total: 1


6              First stage of molasses production at which point the juice is squeezed out of the raw cane. Submitted by Debbie Embler, who voted for 2 and 9. No votes. Total: 0


7              A man’s stuffed quilted doublet of a kind worn between the Middle Ages and the 17th century. Submitted by Tim Lodge, who voted for 4 and 9. No votes. Total: 0


8              HARAS: to be overwhelmed by a herd of playful puppies at a dog farm. Submitted by Johnny Barrs, who voted for 3 (the real def) and 9. One vote from Widdis. Total: 3

9.            In Buddhism, a state of mental unification where consciousness is absorbed in a specific object, arising through the cultivation of meditative calm. Submitted by Efrem Mallach, who voted for 10 and 11. Votes from Barrs, Embler, Shefler, Lodge, and Druce. Total: 5


10.       A mint and cinnamon flavored liqueur. Submitted by Tony Abell, who did not vote. Votes from Madnick, E Mallach, Keating, and Widdis. Total: 4

11.          A Turkish fruit cordial made from dates, apple and apricot. Submitted by Ann Druce, who voted for 2 and 9. Votes from Madnick, E Mallach and Keating. Total: 3  


Judy Madnick

Aug 31, 2021, 8:35:05 AMAug 31
I'd be more than happy to pass the deal on to Efrem. LOL! Seriously, though, new word within a few hours. Busy morning and early afternoon here.

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