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Johnb - co.uk

Jan 22, 2022, 7:30:51 AMJan 22
to Dixonarians
Well: I wanted to play SAMBA which I was assured is the Mongolian version of this served as a porridge but I couldn't find an acceptable dictionary version... so I played TSAMBA - definition #6 below - for which two people voted giving me a D2

Tim L (home brewed maize beer) takes the next deal with 6 unnatural points. Shani N and Paul K had 4 points each but Shani's  4 was natural so she is the real winner

Take it away (again) Tim


1              [Africa] A plot of land usually about 0.5 acre/2,000 sq. m. in area; building lot.        
submitted by Effrem M  who voted        8, 9          voted for by Tim B                    1

2              N. A Xhosa word for a knife used in ceremonies in iMpuma-Koloni (the Eastern Cape), South Africa.         
submitted by Joe L         
who voted 3, 8          No votes                 0

3              [South African] Whip originally made out of leather, now also made out of plastic. Also known as sjambok.         
submitted by Ann D          who voted  5, 8          voted for by Joe L                    1

4              Local name for the South African or Jackass penguin (Spheniscus demersus).         
submitted by Tim B         
who voted 1, 10          voted for by Dan W, Shani N                    2

5              The name of three closely related species of a formerly important freshwater food fish of Malawi, Oreochromis lidole, O. karongae and O. squamipinnis, that were overfished to the point of extinction in the 1990s.         
submitted by Paul K         
who voted 6*, 12          voted for by Ann D, Mike s          2          4*

6              A basic Tibetan dish consisting of ground roasted barley made into a paste with butter, tea, and other ingredients, and formed into balls         
Collins Dictionary which Cannot vote          voted for by Tim L, Paul K                    gives me a D2

7              An organ stop of eight-foot pitch.          submitted by Judy M         
who voted
10, 12          voted for by Shani N                    1

8              In East Africa: A bicycle or motorbike used as a taxi to transport people or goods.         
submitted by Shani N         
who voted  4,7          voted for by Ann D, Debbie E, Joe L, Efrem M                    4

9              A home-brewed maize beer made in parts of Southern Africa.         
submitted by T im L          who voted 6*, 12          voted for by Debbie E, Mike S, Efrem M, Dan W          2          6*

10              A drum played with the hands.         
submitted by Debbie E        
who voted  8, 9          voted for by Judy M, Tim B                    2

11              A type of unleavened flatbread popular in Sri Lanka and parts of India.         
submitted by Mike S         
who voted 5, 9          No votes                    0

12              Raspberry tea.             
Submitted by Tony A                            voted for by Judy M, Tim L, Paul K                            3

13          *** no Def submitted ***         
Dan W          who voted 4, 9                              0


JohnnyB = Collins Dictionary          D2
T im L              6*
Paul K              4*
Shani N              4
Tony A              3
Tim B              2
Debbie E              2
Effrem M              1
Ann D              1
Judy M              1
Joe L              0
Mike S              0
Dan W              0



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