Speak Less, Speak Slowly and Speak Softly

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C. P. Kumar

Apr 10, 2024, 10:50:03 PMApr 10
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Many of us feel we need to be talking to people to make ourselves heard or to sound interesting. This anxiety makes us over-think and over-talk. So we don’t take time to pronounce words clearly, we use more words than needed, and we even speak louder to make a point. Even if we have all the wisdom, just the way we speak can make our listeners irritated and they stop paying attention to us.

1. In any conversation, do you pay attention to your pace, your choice of words and your tone? Do you sometimes find yourself speaking to people, for the sake of saying something? Do you tend to speak without organizing your thoughts, and realize you could have said it so much better? 

2. Throughout the day we constantly create and radiate 2 energies: Thought energy which then comes out as Word energy. So, if we have too many thoughts, we tend to talk too much. That hurry to speak doesn’t leave us with the margin to choose our words carefully or speak pleasantly. 

3. If we want our words to be impactful, influential and transformational, they need to be fewer and carry high-energy vibrations. When we do this, we naturally speak right, speak less and speak softly. We will not just impress people but influence the conversation. 

4. Let your words raise your vibrations, vibrations of the situation and of the people around you. Remind yourself - I choose words that create my perfect world. I speak only what is right, in the right manner and radiate the highest vibrations.

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