The Invisible Law Of The Universe (Part 3)

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C. P. Kumar

Mar 31, 2024, 11:44:44 PMMar 31
We all desire to live a beautiful lifestyle where we don’t have to face negative situations from the world which are a reflection of our past karmas. By past we mean karmas performed in this birth and also karmas performed over many births before this one. Of course, the births before this one have been forgotten completely. Also, every thought, word and action performed in each birth created a matching sanskara in the soul. Such actions were forgotten completely by us as we took new births and older births were forgotten. Such sanskaras are the main cause of attracting negative or positive situations in our present life. So, nothing can be done about what happened in the past and how we spent each birth and what was the quality of our actions in each birth. But, there is a way of cleaning up all the negative sanskaras of the soul which attract negative situations in our life. Meditation is a beautiful method for doing this, in which through the power of visualization, which we all possess, we experience beautiful spiritual energy. This energy is of the purest seed of humanity or God, whom we commonly see with the eye of the mind as a point of pure spiritual light. Meditation means touching this point of pure energy using the power of visualization. Also, one sits under this fountain of overflowing spiritual energy which He radiates, for a few minutes everyday. His light is like a laser beam which removes or destroys these negative sanskaras from the soul, which were created due to negative karmas. That is why, at the Brahma Kumaris, we commonly call this meditation as a method of destroying negative actions performed over many births. A soul from which traces of negative actions have been removed then attracts positive circumstances only and keeps negative circumstances away. 

The reason why we experience happiness when we start our journey of birth and rebirth is that we are pure souls or we are full of the power of purity. This means negative sanskaras created due to negative actions, which attract situations of sorrow, are not there inside us. As we come down in the process of birth and rebirth, we fill ourselves with these negative sanskaras, due to the quality of actions reducing and as a result, the sorrow in our life increases. 

(To be continued …)

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