Building Beautiful And Blissful Relationships

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C. P. Kumar

May 8, 2022, 10:53:30 PMMay 8
We souls, in many births, create and sometimes harm relationships also. What we often lose sight of, is that relationships can make and harm us too. As any relationship goes through its own phases, we keep swaying to and fro with the waves, and incorrectly bounce back and forth between joy and sorrow. The joyous moments seem to pass too soon, and dejection from a loved one seems to take a longer time to evaporate. Despite being aware of this negative cycle, we long for true relationships. How do we build beautiful relationships, where we feel positively involved, but not entangled? The key lies in using our emotions creatively to build the right foundation for building a beautiful connection with another soul. Fundamental aspects need to be introspected. Are we doing it for self-fulfillment or because we want to share and express the simple joys of life? If we pursue a life full of positive consciousness, and not negative compulsiveness, it is possible and within our reach to live magically, without any emotional inadequacies and full of basic life energy.

Relationships can become full of harmony when we practice inclusion of another soul in our life, and not management of the thoughts of another soul. Every colour that the relationship adorns, can be experienced and cherished in its own way. In this kind of incorporation between two souls, differences in opinion don’t look so alarming. By embracing simplicity and enhancing our own way of being, bead by bead, stitch by stitch, new and beautiful relationships are woven naturally on their own. Most importantly, a relationship is not always about thinking about someone. Feelings of love, care and respect is about our own self too. When connections are routed in soul consciousness, it is no more about give and take. If we are able to identify our originality as pure souls, relationships become more and more visible as an exchange of energy. We understand that it is just one of the aspects of our lives, and that we don’t have to structure our lives around it. So much of our potential would then find expression in various ways that we have not imagined.

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