Profitable Karmic Balance

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C. P. Kumar

Apr 5, 2024, 10:32:38 PMApr 5
If we were to take an audit of our karmic balance sheet, we would be looking at the sum of all our thoughts, words and behaviors – classified into right and wrong karmas. We want our karmas to be profitable, since it is our karmic balance sheet which determines if we enjoy the profits and suffer losses. Our every thought, word and action amounts to a karma. All our karmas can be listed in our karmic balance sheet. If we have accumulated good karmas, the balance sheet is profitable, which means karmic consequences are favourable. Every wrong karma brings a negative consequence.

Follow these steps to maximise your karmic profits –

1. Your every thought, word and action are your karma. Situations and people’s behavior are consequences, they’re your destiny.

2. While choosing a karma, you also chose its consequence. Remember: people’s karmas write their destiny. Your response writes yours. Create right karmas regardless of circumstances.

3. Share, care, co-operate, forgive, radiate happiness. Even if you are not getting desired results, don’t let your karmas decline.

4. What is coming to you today is only a return of the past. Accept it, keep yourself strong. With right present karmas, settle past karmic accounts.

Repeat this affirmation everyday to pay attention to your karmic accounts and take stock of your profits. 

I am a wise being ... I create pure intentions … right thoughts … perfect behaviours … I give love … I radiate happiness … to everyone … in every scene … situations may not be pleasant … my karma is right … people may not be nice to me … it is their karma … I focus only on my karma … patience … peace is my positive karma … I check my karmic balance sheet … every karma is of giving selflessly.

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