Invisible Impressions That Shape My Personality

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C. P. Kumar

May 6, 2022, 10:36:09 PMMay 6
Along with the mind and intellect, the two faculties of the soul, there is a third faculty of the soul, commonly called the sanskaras. The sanskaras is not only a store house of personality traits, as we commonly know it to be, but a store house of many impressions or imprints. Such a large number of impressions are created by thousands of experiences that I go through my sense organs not only in this life but in all my lifetimes. Everything that I hear, see, touch, taste, etc. I process or analyze or summarize in my own unique way. Basically I give the experiences a unique form depending on my personality, before this form gets stored in the form of impressions inside me. I even process my subtle experiences, which are in the form of thoughts and feelings. 

This process of experiencing and processing takes place during each and every second of my life including the time I sleep, when my mind may not be experiencing a lot but it is busy processing the physical and subtle experiences of the day that has gone by and storing the processed information in the form of impressions. From this, one can get an idea of the number of impressions stored within me, the being. These imprints which are unique to me, make up my sanskaras, and also shape up my unique personality in a cyclic process. My personality shapes what type of impressions are created out of my experiences and the impressions in turn shape my personality and as a result my thoughts, words and actions e.g. if I constantly keep the company of people who gossip, a large number of respective impressions based on the experience of gossiping keep getting stored inside me, which in turn influence my personality. The personality characteristic gets stronger and over a period of time I do not find anything wrong with it and indulge in it more and more. As a result more such impressions get stored. Thus it is a cyclic process.

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