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C. P. Kumar

May 15, 2022, 11:35:26 PMMay 15
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There is no one more loving and humbler than him, but there is no one beyond him!

It’s not about fear, it’s about faith. Sometimes, people have told me I do not believe in God and sometimes, I do not believe in rituals. But when I ask, do you believe in any power that is taking care of this world and managing everything, keeping an account of everything, and they all agreed. I haven’t met anyone, who is challenging God saying, I want to see what he can do! Maybe it is faith, maybe fear. But everyone has some faith, the degree of faith is a kind of individual thing.

Once I met someone, who said, that he did not believe in God. And he also challenged himself, saying he would like to see what he could do. I smiled and said he did not have to do anything. He just has to remove his support. Where all we are taken care of, where all we are protected, we have no idea. In millions of ways, we are being taken care of. Sometimes, I wonder how big can be our ego because we are even ready to fight God because of that. But when someone challenges God, they have to lose the battle like Duryodhan in Mahabharat and Ravan at the hands of Ram. So, this gentleman said, i do not care. Fine then! After a few days, they found out he had had an accident and he was in ICU.

So, one small child asked, did God make him have an accident? No! God would never do. There is no one more loving and humbler than him. He loves everyone. Can a parent ever not love their children? So why did he have an accident? Because he asked God’s love and support to be removed! So, he himself asked for his protection to go away!

He is kind, he is loving, he loves each one of us, he protects each one of us, he always forgives, he only waits for us….that’s how he is.

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