plugin not picking up extension point for index.html templates

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Jason Davis

Apr 8, 2021, 11:09:12 AMApr 8
to DITA-OT Users

I have metadata requirements for index.html generated from an html5 plugin that is different from the rest of the content. My plugin is simple:
  • plugin-dir/xsl/dhc-vs.xsl
  • plugin-dir/dhc-v2-build.xml
  • plugin-dir/plugin.xml
My plugin.xml looks like this:

<plugin id="org.hwx.dhc-v2">
  <require plugin="org.dita.html5" />
  <transtype name="dhc-v2" extends="html5" desc="v2 of dhc refresh"/>
  <feature extension="" file="dhc-v2-build.xml"/>

My dhc-v2-build.xml looks like this:

<target name="dita2dhc-v2" depends="dhc-v2.init, dita2html5, map-to-json"/>

 <target name="dhc-v2.init">
        <property name="args.xsl" value="${}/xsl/dhc-v2.xsl"/>

My dhc-v2.xsl contains a bunch of template overrides that work fine for everything but index.html.

If I add this to plugin.xml:

<feature extension="dita.xsl.html5.toc" file="xsl/dhc-v2-toc.xsll"/>

I get nothing. The index.html is unchanged.

If I add this to dhc-v2-build.xml:

<property name="args.html5.toc.xsl" value="${}/xsl/dhc-v2-toc.xsl"/>

It essentially breaks the plugin. What am I missing here? How do I modify my plugin so that I can define overrides for index.html?


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