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Scott P

May 4, 2021, 2:54:01 PMMay 4
to DITA-OT Users
My client wants the OT markdown plugin modified so the MD deflist syntax is slightly different. I've temporarily revised the MD syntax in ast2markdown.xsl which creates the proper output. I guess I'll create a customized version of this plugin that overrides the appropriate XSL templates (I assume that approach will work here as well as it does elsewhere).

But .. it seems like this might be a common type of modification path as there are so many MD variants. Might be nice if the default plugin was set up so you could just specify an alternate "ast2markdown" file as a command line parameter .. then no additional plugin would be needed. I'm new to this corner of the OT, so maybe this is just crazy talk.

Are there plans for making the MD syntax more extendable (beyond the typical plugin customization path)?

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