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Alan Houser

Aug 2, 2021, 9:59:59 PMAug 2
to DITA-OT Users

In my DITA-OT plugin (3.6.1), I've created an Ant target "AdjustNormalization", invoked at the "" extension point:
  <feature extension="" value="AdjustNormalization" />

Now _all_ of my DITA-OT plugins attempt to invoke this target, and fail, because the target is meant for one particular plugin. (My new plugin successfully invokes the target at the extension point; other plugins invoke the target at the end of processing).

Is there something I'm missing to constrain this target to one particular plugin?

Thanks in advance,

-Alan Houser

Irina Barinova

Aug 3, 2021, 3:06:29 AMAug 3
to Alan Houser, DITA-OT Users
Hello Alan,

The easiest way to implement what you need is to add some conditions before you run your AdjustNormalization target and check which transtype you are using during the current publishing process.

For example:
<target name="AdjustNormalization.init">
<condition property="runAdjustNormalization">
<equals arg1="${transtype}" arg2="transtype-value"/>

<target name="AdjustNormalization" depends="AdjustNormalization.init" if="runAdjustNormalization">
In this case DITA-OT runs the AdjustNormalization target in case the transtype is equal to the 'transtype-value' string only.


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