Year as covariate : 0 density/abundance estimates

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Nov 23, 2021, 5:57:28 AM11/23/21
to distance-sampling
Dear all,

I'm also working on detection function with multiple year. I'm trying to do a single detection function with all my data across the years.
I fixed the problem of unconsistency by setting 1 value of area per year. I don't have the error message anymore.
But, when I compute the ds function, I have 0 for all my density and abundance estimators and I can't find why.
I tried to calculate them with dht function, and I discovered this error :
"Must specify obs.table because Sample.Label and/or Region.Label fields not contained in data"
This is very strange, since they are in my data, and are found when I take the years individually.

Thank you by advance for your response,

Best regards,

Floriane Cornué

Eric Rexstad

Nov 23, 2021, 6:49:08 AM11/23/21
to distance-sampling, Flocrn

Thanks for your question.  Are you willing to send to me your data (or a subset I could use to diagnose the problem) and the code you have used.  If you send it off-list, I will see if I can understand the situation giving your problems.

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Dec 1, 2021, 7:34:07 AM12/1/21
to distance-sampling
Dear all,

The problem has been solved by removing the object field. It was also possible to fill the object field with numbers from 1 to the number of detections. 

Thank you very much Eric to help me with this problem.

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