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Sarah Morris

Oct 21, 2021, 11:01:28 AM10/21/21
to distance-sampling
I've been trying to create a region or "study area" in the dssd package so that it can analyze my distance sampling detections and transects to get a population estimate and detectability probability. However, I keep getting errors. I've been following this website and here is what comes up when I do the script:

poly1 <- data.frame(x = c(0,0,85000,85000, 0), y = c(0, 97000, 97000, 0, 0))
coords <- list()
coords <- list(poly1)
#survey region
region <- make.region( = "study area",
                      units = "m",
                      coords = "coords")
Error in make.region( = "study area", units = "m", coords = "coords") : 
  unused argument (coords = "coords")

I have also tried using my shapefile using this script:
Sarah.file <- readOGR("C:/Users/sarah/OneDrive/Documents/Region.area.shp")
wetlands <- system.file("data", "Region.area.shp", package = "dssd")
wetlands <- make.region( = "study area", 
                        shape = Sarah.file)

and this is the error that popped up:
Error in make.region( = "study area", shape = Sarah.file) : 
  The sp data type is not yet supported... coming soon!

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any advice or maybe a better way to make a region. 

Eric Rexstad

Oct 21, 2021, 11:13:18 AM10/21/21
to Sarah Morris, distance-sampling

This won't help you read in your shape file, but I want to be clear that dssd​ is not used to analyse data that have been collected in a distance sampling survey.  Rather, dssd​ is to be used to help you design a survey prior to going into the field to collect data.

If you already have collected your data, then you need not use dssd​ and the battle with the shape file is unnecessary.

Can you clarify whether you are designing a survey or analysing collected data?

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