How many transceivers are "enough"?

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Harald Alvestrand

Dec 15, 2021, 4:14:36 AM12/15/21
We've seen an error case recently where the real culprit was a Javascript bug that added lots of transceivers to a PeerConnection. Things became very sluggish after that, and ended up crashing.

We're considering limiting the number of transceivers per PeerConnection so that we can give a clearer message of the problem (bail earlier), but face the problem of figuring out where the limit ought to be.

Can some of you contribute your stories of where you are actually using many transceivers in practice, how many you're using, and whether you have seen trouble from using too many?

I'd like to get a limit in, but want it to be neither too high nor too low.



Dec 16, 2021, 8:48:52 PM12/16/21
to discuss-webrtc
> lots

Your post includes no actual numbers. Test on several devices, OS's, also on Nightly; increment by transceivers by 1 until behaviour changes; document results.

If you arbitrarily limit transceivers that should be specification before implementation (Chromium JavaScript, WebRTC implementation), correct?

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