Poor bandwidth estimation performance without x-google-max-bitrate

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Nov 15, 2023, 7:55:24 AM11/15/23
to discuss-webrtc
The sender is configured min/max bitrates using webrtc::RtpEncodingParameters (set to 5000 and 16000 respectively).
I measure effective bitrate on the client side and log values recevied in webrtc::VideoEncoder::SetRates -- target_bitrate from webrtc::VideoEncoder::RateControlParameters.
Here is how the graphs look like over 45-sec test run:


The bitrate ramps up over 20 seconds to the maximum, stays there for ~10 seconds and then drops. The pattern repeats.

If I munge SDP offer sent by client by adding "x-google-max-bitrate=16000"  the behavior changes completely:

The client achieves maximum bitrate in ~2sec and continue to maintain it.

Why is this happening? I always thought tweaks like "x-google-max-bitrate" are optional and RtpEncodingParameters takes precedence, but obviously this is not the case.


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Nov 15, 2023, 10:49:55 AM11/15/23
to discuss...@googlegroups.com
Nice find. I've run into a similar looking problem with a libwebrtc 115 based sender. I did try b=AS (which changed nothing), but not x-google-max-bitrate - gotta try it as well

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Nov 15, 2023, 2:10:10 PM11/15/23
to discuss-webrtc
The only place where I see this ("x-google-max-bitrate") is being checked is inside WebRtcVideoChannel::WebRtcVideoSendStream::CreateVideoEncoderConfig which is then used in multiple places when VideoEncoder needs to be reconfigured -- somewhere down inside VideoEngine/Stream/Channel. This seems to be a different API path from what I use. 
I've been searching through the sources trying to find a way how to provide webrtc::VideoEncoderConfig but can't find it yet. Any pointers/clarifications will be appreciated!
I'm aiming to have sender work as in the second use case (i.e. utilize available bandwidth) without the need to provide x-google-... options in the client.


Björn Terelius

Nov 21, 2023, 7:36:43 AM11/21/23
to discuss-webrtc
I'm not very familiar with "x-google-max-bitrate", but I don't think it should be needed for bandwidth estimation.

Are you doing bandwidth estimation on send side or receive side? In the former case, are you negotiating the transport-wide sequence number extension and associated RTCP feedback message?

Is this issue reproducible in chrome?

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