PSA: Firefox 96 contains major libwebrtc update. Please test!

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Nov 3, 2021, 8:28:07 PM11/3/21
to discuss-webrtc
Hi all! We just finished a major libwebrtc update in Firefox Nightly two days ago.

This should improve WebRTC behavior in Firefox, but as with any major update, there's always a risk of fallout. So please give Nightly a spin with your services. We have 4 weeks to fix any bugs you report!

The work was tracked in Bug 1654112. You can file regressions here.

A sampling of improvements and bug fixes:
  • Bug 1232234 - RTCP BYE is sent for every media stream on renegotiation, replaceTrack, or setParameters

  • Bug 1730748 - WebRTC downgrades screen sharing resolution

  • Bug 1690832 - Terrible video quality after negotiating video tracks 3 times

  • Bug 1729110 - getSynchronizationSources() intermittently drops SSRC for video

A few things to look out for:
  • The following non-standard (Firefox-only) stats were removed: bitrateMean, bitrateStdDev, framerateMean, framerateStdDev, droppedFrames (sic), discardedPackets (sic), as well as bytesReceived on "remote-inbound-rtp" stats.
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