Chrome M41 WebRTC Release Notes.

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Vikas Marwaha

Jan 20, 2015, 8:06:02 PM1/20/15


Main things to pay attention to:

  • Opus FEC is now enabled by default.

  • Several performance improvements in Chrome; much less RAM used per PeerConnection, and video capturing and rendering is more CPU efficient.

  • Improvements to iOS arm64 builds.


  • Issue 3898:- Added support for arm64 builds for iOS. This includes some fixes in libvpx which were not part of the M40 release. We have also added iOS arm64 to our build bots.

  • Issue 1179:- Fixed leakage of local address information in raddr when IceTransports was set to 'relay'.

  • Issue 3091:- Added support for using temporary IPv6 address if available instead of permanent addresses. Currently supported for all platforms except iOS.

  • Issue 3786:- (Sample Apps)  Added button for switching front and back camera on ApprtcDemo Android.

  • Issue 3986:-  Adaptive Opus FEC is on by default in Chrome now. CreateOffer generates an offer with useinbandfec=1 fmtp line.

  • Issue 3918:- Added support to filter out virtual interfaces from virtualbox.

  • Issue 418052:- Added support for Video capture on Android using Camera2 api. Nexus 4 is not supported because it does not fully support the Camera2 api.


  • Issue 437653: (Chrome-specific) Reuse frame pixel data on GPU. (Merged to M40)

  • Issue 537:-  Fixed problem in webrtc, the NACK requests were getting sent more than once when there was bursty packet loss.

  • Issue 2434:- Fixed a SCTP message reordering issue.

  • Issue 3784:- Fixed issue with Memory spikes on mobile devices ( iOS & Android) when calling addStream method on peerConnection.

  • Issue 4096:- Fixed problem where a crash would occur if one of the bundled contents was missing in sdp.

  • Issue 3922:- Fixed problem, now we won’t allocate memory for encoding if no actual video is sent.

  • Issue 3927:- Fixed problem with TURN server access via TCP not working when Trend Micro OfficeScan is installed (tmproxy.exe).

  • Issue 430333:- Fixed interop issue between FF<->Chrome. FF does not support IN IPv6 :: in the c-line so changed it to ipv4.

  • Issue 421253:- Fixed crash in Chrome for a 15 participant webrtc call.

  • Issue 403703:- Fixed problem with using desktopCapture API for MS Excel on Windows 8. Also fixed problem in menus not getting captured while screen-sharing on Windows 7, see issue 316603.

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