Chrome M30 WebRTC Release Notes

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Vikas Marwaha

Aug 21, 2013, 6:15:08 PM8/21/13

Please find below WebRTC Release Notes for Chrome M30. Below is the list of major changes:

  • Issue 1571 :- Add support for explicit device enumeration in JavaScript, via MediaStreamTrack.getSources. Applications can now manage which audio input and video input devices are used themselves. Audio output is not yet implemented.
  • Issue 1425 :- Add TURN/TLS support to connect to TURN server via TLS using turns: TURN URI's.
  • Issue 1493 :- Add support for SCTP based data channels. Currently, it is behind a flag for M30.
  • Issue 1408 :- Add support for sending binary data through data channel. You would need to enable SCTP flag for M30.
  • Issue 1430 :- Add support for Reliable data channels in chrome.You need to enable SCTP flag for M30.
  • Issue 1864 :- Implement cert caching for DTLS. DTLS cert generation has been moved into the browser with persistent caching. This improves call startup time when using DTLS. You need to specify 'DtlsSrtpKeyAgreement: true' when creating peerconnection to test this feature.
  • Issue 1837 :- Wire up to have padding packet generation be driven by pacer.
  • Issue 1897 :- Add support for Error concealment when NACK is disabled.
  • Issue 1881 :- Add support for maxaveragebitrate. You should now be able to control the opus bit-rate with maxaveragebitrate fmtp parameter in sdp.
  • Issue 79949 :- Implement CreateMediaElementSource() on audio/video elements. As an example you can use this API to apply effects on an audio tag and play it back using WebAudio.
  • Issue 262117 :- Multiple media streams with audio tracks can now be added to a peerconnection. However, only one microphone source at a time is permitted as currently WebRTC supports only one audio processing module (APM).
  • iOS :- An ObjC PeerConnection API is now available for signaling & one-way audio (README). Known issues include two-way audio (2191) and video support (2168).
  • Android :- (RTP) data channel support (1679)

Bug fixes :-
  • Issue 1718 :- Updating local description fails when using DTLS.
  • Issue 261865 :- Crash while on video call.
  • Issue 263003 :- Chrome OS: WebRTC screen capture is broken on ARM.
  • Issue 267880 :- Populate labels only if permitted in mediaStreamTrack.getSources().
  • Issue 2183 :- Shutdown-time fixes.


      Aug 21, 2013, 11:03:43 PM8/21/13
      Thanks for the update.

      I've been expecting for several features on the list above.
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