PSA: Enabling DcSCTP in Chrome M95

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Florent Castelli

Sep 9, 2021, 9:48:34 AM9/9/21

Starting with Chrome M95 for the Canary and Dev channels, we’re going to start to rollout the DcSCTP library for the SCTP transport used by WebRTC’s Data Channels.

It is a new implementation with a focus on security and compatibility with the previous implementation. No action should be required on your part and the transition should be transparent for users. Please have a look at the previous PSA for more information.

To force enable the feature in Chrome, use the command line flag --force-fieldtrials="WebRTC-DataChannel-Dcsctp/Enabled/“, and --force-fieldtrials="WebRTC-DataChannel-Dcsctp/Disabled/" to force disable it and revert to the previous implementation.

If the rollout doesn’t reveal any issue in Canary, we will extend it in a few weeks to the Beta channel and then have a progresive rollout to Stable.

Please report issues you encounter to the bug tracker:

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