webrtc build failed for ios simulator

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Sam Gao

Aug 2, 2021, 5:43:36 PM8/2/21
to discuss-webrtc
the error detail is as following:

xiaosi@MacBook-Pro src % gn gen out/ios_sim --args='target_os="ios" target_cpu="x64"' --ide=xcode

ERROR at //webrtc.gni:490:32: Assignment had no effect.

        xctest_module_target = "//base/test:google_test_runner"


You set the variable "xctest_module_target" here and it was unused before it went

out of scope.

See //testing/test.gni:442:5: whence it was called.

    target(ios_test_target_type, _test_target) {


See //webrtc.gni:447:3: whence it was called.

  test(target_name) {


See //BUILD.gn:540:3: whence it was called.

  rtc_test("rtc_unittests") {


sanyam jain

Jun 19, 2022, 6:24:13 PM (6 days ago) Jun 19
to discuss-webrtc
Did you find a solution for this??
I am facing the similar issue
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