Chrome WebRTC M36 Release Notes.

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Vikas Marwaha

Jul 31, 2014, 2:01:17 PM7/31/14

Please find below Chrome WebRTC M36 release notes :- 

  • Issue 725 :- WebRTC in Chrome now supports audio input devices with 192Khz sampling rate. Earlier if you used an input device with sampling rate 192Khz GetUserMedia would fail.
  • Issue 2789 :-  Fixed problem where screen sharing message was visible to peers on Windows. For Mac, it was fixed in Chrome M35. The code for Windows was landed in M36,  but it's currently under a Finch experiment and enabled on 5% Stable. 
  • Issue 3133 :-  Added support for sending DataViews with RTCDataChannel correctly.
  • Issue 334243 :- Implemented MediaStreamVideoSource for remote video tracks. This should allow you to use the remote video track as a source for local tracks.
  • Issue 350428 :- The command line flag --enable-webrtc-aec-recordings has been removed. To generate  AEC recording goto chrome://webrtc-internals tab.
  • Issue 357503 :- MediaStreamTrack now have its own readyState. Also MediaStreamTrack.stop() should not anymore stop the source until all tracks using the same source is stopped.
  • Issue 361992 :- Allow a MediaStream video source to change resolution.Some type of sources, such as a remote video stream, can change resolution on the fly.This change allows the source to change resolution and deliver video frames to the track unchanged. If the resolution is higher that allowed by constraints, the frame is cropped.
  • Enabled VP8 denoiser on ARM (iOS, Android).

  • Issue 2507 :-  Fixed bug in SDP parsing, non numeric ssrc in ssrc lines should cause a failure which was not happening earlier.
  • Issue 2866 :-  Fixed bug on windows, DataChannel bufferedAmount didnot reflect the SCTP connection buffer state.
  • Issue 3141 :-  Fixed a problem in negotiating SCTP data content using the native API.
  • Issue 309129 :-  Fixed problem, where DesktopCaptureAPI would stop capturing when window is minimized.
  • Issue 360181 :- Fixed problem where screencast notification bar is still visible when the shared window is closed.
iOS Update :- 

      Below update doesn't apply to Chrome 36, it's standalone webRTC new features on iOS.
  • Issue 3211 :- Enabled SCTP Data Channels on iOS.
  • Issue 2168:  Added video support for iOS to ObjC PeerConnection{,Test} and AppRTCDemo 
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