webrtc example peer_connection client has fallen with 2 simple clients

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Peter Arnold

Apr 26, 2022, 10:59:29 AMApr 26
to discuss-webrtc
Hi Everyone, I build webrtc vertions of 96,and 98, I need to test correct video call for 2 clients and one server on the same machine, I used ubuntu 20.04. And when I run server an 2 clients, from examples, I called connect from one client to second. And first, which have to send my video has fallen with error:  

# Fatal error in: ../../media/engine/adm_helpers.cc, line 39
# last system error: 88
# Check failed: 0 == adm->Init() (0 vs. -1)
# Failed to initialize the ADM.Aborted

problem is in method 
bool Conductor::CreatePeerConnection(bool dtls) { RTC_DCHECK(peer_connection_factory_); RTC_DCHECK(!peer_connection_);
webrtc::PeerConnectionInterface::RTCConfiguration config; config.sdp_semantics = webrtc::SdpSemantics::kUnifiedPlan; config.enable_dtls_srtp = dtls; webrtc::PeerConnectionInterface::IceServer server; server.uri = GetPeerConnectionString(); config.servers.push_back(server);
peer_connection_ = peer_connection_factory_->CreatePeerConnection( config, nullptr, nullptr, this); return peer_connection_ != nullptr; }

maybe I have to build my webrtc with special flags? I build it with gcc compiler,I mean libstdc++, 

Or there is some version with the same api, but correct working examples? Or maybe, I do something wrong

Peter Arnold

Apr 26, 2022, 11:51:25 AMApr 26
to discuss-webrtc
But when I run the same applications, as user, I have fallen with receiver video client with this message, please somebody tell me how to fix that?

(field_trial.cc:140): Setting field trial string:
(main_wnd.cc:255): SwitchToConnectUI
(peer_connection_client.cc:288): Headers received
(peer_connection_client.cc:463): OnClose
(conductor.cc:264): OnSignedIn
(main_wnd.cc:311): SwitchToPeerList
(conductor.cc:508): SEND_MESSAGE_TO_PEER
(peer_connection_client.cc:365): OnHangingGetRead
(peer_connection_client.cc:288): Headers received
(peer_connection_client.cc:463): OnClose
(conductor.cc:278): OnPeerConnected
(main_wnd.cc:311): SwitchToPeerList
(peer_connection_client.cc:365): OnHangingGetRead
(peer_connection_client.cc:288): Headers received
(peer_connection_client.cc:463): OnClose
(audio_processing_impl.cc:282): Injected APM submodules:
Echo control factory: 0
Echo detector: 0
Capture analyzer: 0
Capture post processor: 0
Render pre processor: 0
(audio_processing_impl.cc:291): Denormal disabler: supported
(webrtc_voice_engine.cc:321): WebRtcVoiceEngine::WebRtcVoiceEngine
(webrtc_video_engine.cc:613): WebRtcVideoEngine::WebRtcVideoEngine()

# Fatal error in: ../../rtc_base/physical_socket_server.cc, line 1171
# last system error: 11
# Check failed: !waiting_
# Aborted (core dumped)

Peter Arnold

May 20, 2022, 8:18:24 AM (4 days ago) May 20
to discuss-webrtc
I have fixed this problem, as first I use patch for fixing falling after connection, see below:

Download patch form here and use it : 
1) Copy this patch to directory : 
2) After that, use this patch with command from examples directory
patch -p1 < ./webrtc-peerconnection-client-wait-crash.patch

After patching, change the main code for correct image processing, all described in this article:

So after that, peerclient start work correct and stable.
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