[PSA] [ACTION REQUIRED] Changes to the requirements to be a WebRTC committer

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Oct 1, 2021, 5:45:17 AMOct 1
to discuss-webrtc

Hi discuss-webrtc,

TL;DR; If you don’t need WebRTC committers rights, you can stop reading now.

If you want to become a WebRTC committer, you need to go through the process explained here: https://webrtc.googlesource.com/src/+/refs/heads/main/g3doc/become_a_committer.md.

WebRTC code is widely used by different projects. Because of this, the quality and documentation of WebRTC code is very important. 

To improve WebRTC code quality and documentation we are introducing changes to the process of obtaining WebRTC committerr rights. The old process was documented here. Now the process will be similar to Chromium’s committers process. Changes will mostly affect C++ part of the codebase, but the new process is also applicable for Objective-C and Java codebase. In short, applicants will need to pick a mentor among committers and send CLs (for C++ authors CLs should demonstrate their C++ skills) to them. When CLs show a good level of understanding of code quality, testing, style guide, etc, applicants will be granted committer rights. The full description of the process can be found at https://webrtc.googlesource.com/src/+/refs/heads/main/g3doc/become_a_committer.md.

WebRTC committers who write C++ code also will need to go through the process of obtaining WebRTC committer rights before the 1st of December 2021, otherwise their WebRTC committer rights will be revoked.

To check if you need to go through the process or not you can check if you are a member of the WebRTC committers group (use your webrtc.org account to open the link).


Oct 12, 2021, 11:03:50 AM (8 days ago) Oct 12
to discuss-webrtc

Hi discuss-webrtc,

Thanks for all the feedback that has been provided regarding a new process.

To reiterate, here’s a summary of our goals:

  • Ensure sustainable development of WebRTC code quality, documentation and testability and promote C++ best practices. 

  • Have a structured process to become a committer (similar to Chromium).

Based on the feedback, we have adjusted the process in the following way:

  • No change for WebRTC committers that have committed/reviewed a CL since October 1st 2019.

  • WebRTC committers who have not submitted or reviewed CLs since October 1st 2019 will still be able to create CLs and do code reviews, but not set the label “Commit-Queue+2”  (they will have to ask another committer to set it for them). 

  • To restore your WebRTC committer rights in case they got revoked, please reach out to commi...@webrtc.org

Note that all WebRTC committers have to follow WebRTC committer duties.

For anyone wanting to become a WebRTC committer, please follow this process: https://webrtc.googlesource.com/src/+/refs/heads/main/g3doc/become_a_committer.md.
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