Chrome WebRTC M32 Release Notes.

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Vikas Marwaha

Jan 16, 2014, 1:35:04 PM1/16/14

Please find below WebRTC Release Notes for Chrome M32. Below is the list of major changes:

  • Issue 491 :- Added command line flag --disable-webrtc-encryption.The flag cannot be set in chrome://flags, and is only available for Chrome Dev and Beta (not stable). The purpose of the flag is for app developer to easier debug RTP media related problems in WebRTC.
  • Issue 2279:- SCTP data channel interop between Chrome <-> Firefox. Currently, applications that want to interoperate between Chrome and Firefox should ensure that data passed to the send() call is 16K or less, due to differences in implementation buffer sizes and this will be improved in future versions.
  • Issue 294132:- MediaStream API: Added a stop method to MediaStreamTrack. The spec has moved the stop method from MediaStream to MediaStreamTrack.
  • Issue 29253003 :- Enable DTLS caching for Android. The fix enables DTLS certificate caching and turns DTLS on by default for Android.
  • Issue 190156:- Implemented Notification UI for Screen Capture GetUserMedia api. Now Chrome will show notification bar whenever the Screen Capture API is used to capture the screen.
  • Issue 23444072:- Use libYUV in Android for VideoCaptureController to improve performance.

Bug Fixes:-
  • Issue 454:- Resolved echo cancellation failures on some platforms. 
  • Issue 2039 :- Fix for, If DTLS is disabled and the SDP does not have any SDES crypto, set local/remote description should fail.
  • Issue 2474 :- DTLS Cached certificates that have expired are cleared and will not be used for new connections.
  • Issue 1109 :- GetUserMedia success callback not firing when trying to open a Mac camera while the lid is closed. The fix  treats suspended video capture devices on Mac as unavailable. With this change, the internal camera on Mac OS will disappear from the device list when the lid is closed, and reappear when the lid is opened.
  • Issue 315433 :- GetUserMedia webcam stream fails to resume after suspend.
  • Issue 2477:- SCTP stream id assignment should follow the odd/even rule. As per the spec, To avoid glare in opening channels each side must use either even or odd streams when sending a DATA_CHANNEL_OPEN message.
  • Issue 2540 :-  Fix for SCTP data channel fails to connect if Chrome offer and Firefox answers.
  • Issue 2559:- Improved SDP error message when sdp format does not follow the spec.
  • Issue 2612 :- Fixed a SCTP data channel regression in sending/receiving data at the wrong ssrc.
  • Issue 295771 :- SCTP doesnot use the port number specified in SDP, it uses port 5001. Fixed, now Chrome SCTP will use the port specified in SDP.
  • Issue 308858 :- Ensure Glitch free audio on Android devices using OpenSL ES audio backend. Fixes were made to improve buffer handling for OpenSL ES output on Android in this cl.
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