Chrome M38 WebRTC release notes.

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Vikas Marwaha

Nov 5, 2014, 4:28:00 AM11/5/14

Please find below Chrome 38 WebRTC release notes.- 

Features (Chrome Specific) :-
  • Issue 395614:- Added support for WebRTC connection to work under NTLM/Kerberos using the default credential without prompting the user.
  • Issue 3282:- Added support for RTCOfferOptions for CreateOffer API. Constraints are still supported for CreateOffer but converted to RTCOfferOptions internally.
  • Added support for wider range of sample rates. Specifically support for 24Khz audio sample rate has been added.
  • Improved support for audio ducking on Windows (communication device).
Features (WebRTC Platform) :-
  • Issue 2204:- Added support for encoding and decoding of TCP candidates as per RFC 6544.
  • Issue 2419:- Added support for Opus built in Forward Error Correction (FEC). Use 'useinbandfec=1' as Opus parameter in SDP to activate it. AppRTC demo adds such SDP by default for both desktop and mobile unless one puts 'opusfec=false' in the URL.
  • Issue 3131:-  Optimized AEC for NEON, now we have better performance on ARMv7 NEON.
  • Issue 1750:- Added support for 1080p video resolution with WebRTC. Now it's possible to encode and decode 1080p stream.
  • Issue 3310:- Added support for multiple STUN servers in peerConnection.
Bugs (Chrome Specific):-
  • Issue 381698:-  Fixed problem in getUserMedia, 2 calls to getUserMedia with different frame-rate constraints was returning same streams.
  • issue 410258 :- Reduced chances of audio glitches with WebRTC on Mac.
  • Issue 3601:- Fixed problem, enabling TURN/TLS to work through proxies when DNS is blocked.
  • Fixed issue with audio streams causing memory leak in CoreAudio on Mac. 
  • Fixed issue with getUserMedia failing due to "Invalid State.
Bugs (WebRTC Platform):-
  • Issue 1775:-  Fixed issue with ICE Role Conflict handling. Now we Re-evaluate the ICE role on ICE restart.
  • Issue 3232:- Fixed problem, where relay candidates obtained from different TURN servers had same foundation and priority.
  • Issue 1943:- Fixed problem with endless onicecandidate callback loop when no network interface is detected.
  • Issue 2260:- Fixed issue in sdp generated by chrome. As per RFC 4566, the b-lines should appear before a-lines which was not the case earlier.
  • Issue 2395:-  Fixed problem, where we were not maintaining the order of m-lines in CreateOffer and CreateAnswer. Now the order in the offer follows the order in SetLocalDescription and the order in the answer follows the order in current offer.
  • Issue 2628:- Fixed problem with addStream callback, which was not getting triggered for streams marked as a=sendonly.
  • Issue 2868:- Fixed issue, now when creating answer, we take the codec preference from offer as per RFC 3264.
  • Issue 3429:-  Limited the SCTP send and receive buffer by bytes not packets. The new limit is 16MB for each buffer.
  • Issue 3491:- Fixed issue with remote candidates pushed down too early during renegotiation.
  • Issue 39112:- Fixed issue in VP8 denoiser, it was generating artifacts at low bit rates
Known issue:-
  • Issue 3964:- Data channel only peerconnection triggers an onAddStream callback.



Nov 13, 2014, 6:44:21 PM11/13/14
A M38 change i had missed, thanks to Philipp Hancke for bringing it up.
  • issue 387632 :- Changed SdpSerializeCandidate to output candidate line without the "a=" and without the leading \r\n", i.e. candidate-attribute as defined in section 15. of [ICE].
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