iOS webRTC Unconfiguring audio session

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Katharine N

Aug 28, 2022, 7:12:53 AMAug 28
to discuss-webrtc
Help me guys! User want stop VideoChat, I close peerConnection, and others and it leeds to next logs AudioDeviceIOS::ShutdownPlayOrRecord
Stopping audio unit.
Unconfiguring audio session.[AVAudioSession setActive:withOptions:error:]: Deactivating an audio session that has running I/O. All I/O should be stopped or paused prior to deactivating the audio session.

but I don't need it. During all time from start app I set category AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord and record audio in file, and I also need to continue it after videochat stop, but now webRTC stop recording and corrupt my audio file.

How I can achieve what i want, maybe someone knows ??

Alin Radut

Aug 28, 2022, 7:28:44 AMAug 28
You should use RTCAudioSession's usrManualAudio set to true/YES and  activate and deactivate the audio session yourself. 


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Barry Duff

Sep 3, 2022, 1:10:41 PMSep 3
i might

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