Safari doesn't get peer remote streams

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Martynas Padarauskas

Apr 22, 2022, 4:10:07 PMApr 22
to discuss-webrtc

Currently hit a weird case while moving from addTrack() to addTransceiver() to fix ios chrome issues. Couldn't reconnect ios chrome to desktop because of different m-lines issue in previous offer bug. Which the transceivers successfully fixed, but know I hit a new issue. 

Safari should work on paper but on a successful reconnect I seem to not get the onTrack event from peer again. Have any of you hit a similar issue? 

I am using macOS safari and trying to connect to a chrome tab locally. Chrome gets the sound and the video of safari, but safari is blank not even the onTrack event fired and no errors. I couldn't find a way to check iceCandidates, but chrome seems to get them. I have an idea that this issue might be related to safari not getting ice candidates of chrome and therefore the connection fails on one side. 

I've tried changing the codecs to h.264 forcing chrome to use the same codec as safari thinking that might be the issue, but sadly no. 

P.S. is there an easy way to log safari webrtc stats like chrome://webrtc-internals?
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