L4S support in LibWebRTC?

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[MSFT] Diego Perez Botero

Jun 19, 2022, 6:23:44 PM (6 days ago) Jun 19
to discuss-webrtc
L4S is actively being rolled out by 5G mobile carriers and will also be part of DOCSIS4.0, which means that cable internet providers are likely to follow that trend as well. Given that there are plenty of web-based workloads that would benefit from L4S support (e.g., PWA-based cloud gaming), are there any plans to roll that support into LibWebRTC? I haven't been able to find any initiatives for an L4S-related web API, but LibWebRTC is native code that has access to a media stream's underlying socket and should be able to read the ECN markings directly and pass those signals to the congestion control algorithm to minimize queueing delays and congestion-related packet loss (see EricssonResearch/scream: SCReAM - Mobile optimised congestion control algorithm (github.com) ) .

Thoughts? 😎
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