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  Basic rules of this list are as follows:

  1: You may not post an attack on another member of the list to the list.  It is acceptable to critique the position of other list members in the context of discussion, but it is not acceptable to criticize the person of the poster.
  2: If you perceive an attack being leveled at you by another list member, you may not respond to it on the list.  This escalates attacks and it upsets list members who want to read arguments rather than the fights.  Write to the people privately, off list (careful -- by default replies go automatically to the list), and/or to the list maintainer sdg@sudval.org to request assistance in dealing with the attack.
  3: The subject matter of this list is very emotional. Keep cool.  If you feel yourself angered, that is often the best argument for stopping yourself and refusing to write a response.
  4: This list may not be used for solicitations of any sort.
  5: All conversations must be kept at least tangentially on subject.  Sending or re-sending material to the list which is not directly on subject, purely because the sender wishes to reach the maximum number of readers, is not allowed.
  6: If the owner of the list feels that a line of discussion or argument is inappropriate for any reason, and you are asked to stop pursuing it, you are expected to stop pursuing it.  The owner of the list will attempt to be fair and reasonable, but this list is not itself governed democratically, nor is it a place where personal attacks or provocative language will be accepted. The maintainer of the list freely admits to having strong opinions on some of the issues that are regularly discussed in this list, but will make every effort to remain neutral in enforcing the rules of the list -- please understand that his posts in favor of certain arguments and opposed to other arguments are not statements of favor or disinclination to support individuals facing harassment or attacks on the list.
  7: Understand that the list maintainer has and retains the right and ability to unsubscribe your account at any time for any reason, as well as to trace the origins of messages of an objectionable nature. This is done as a matter of course when an account is inactive or is bouncing messages, but may also be done if inappropriate material is posted to the list, or for other reasons.