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I am very proud and excited to announce that our very own Cindy Maher, SC of IAGenWeb, is a guest on an upcoming podcast to showcase IAGenWeb! Thank you so much, Cindy, for taking the time to tell IAGenWeb's story and spread the word about what we have to offer. 

Please tune in. The podcast airs June 20 on preservationoaks.podbean.com

I've included Cindy's announcement below, with her permission. 
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From:  Cindy Maher
Date: Thu, Jun 16, 2022 at 3:31 PM
Subject: [Members] IAGenWeb Promotion Airing June 20th
To: IAGenWeb Member List 

Hello Team,

Recently, I was asked to be a guest on a podcast for the purpose of
promoting IAGenWeb. An organization called Preservation Oaks sponsored and
hosted the program.  This organization highlights and promotes Museums,
Cultural and Heritage Institutions, Historical and Genealogical Societies
across the United States.

I want to let you know that the recording session is complete, and the show
is ready to be released world-wide on June 20th.  On June 20, you will be
able to listen to the podcast at the following:

preservationoaks.podbean.com #IAGenWeb #iowa #genealogy #preservationoak

During the interview, I was given the opportunity to tell the story of
IAGenWeb, how we're funded, how we are unique to the audience we serve, and
what services we have to offer to the public.  I was able to explain why so
many people utilize our sites, support, volunteer with and donate and why
we hope people will continue to do that in the future.

In particular, I made sure I spoke on each of the following topics:

·       Explained we are a part of USGenWeb
·       Spelled out our mission
·       Praised & explained the role of our volunteer coordinators and talked
about who the IAGenWeb coordinators are (in general about time in service,
past experience, careers, etc)
·       Highlighted our need for volunteer coordinators. Explained that
finding coordinators is our biggest challenge right now
·       Promoted Friends of IAGenWeb
·       Explained our quality standards & peer reviews
·    Talked about our Special Projects and highlighted in particular
Constance Diamond's Iowa History project and Rich Lowe & the IGPP.
·       Talked about our Boards
·       Explained our funding model and the importance of Friends
membership and donations & how people can contribute
·       Explained that our Welcome Hostess Team & Support Team is a benefit
& critical to our success
·       Explained how to contribute in the way of volunteering as well as
contributing through Friends
·       Talked about the beauty of the uniqueness our coordinators bring to
each county as well the elements that are standard for each county such as
a search engine, table of contents, etc.
·       Marketed our Facebook page

To tease you just a little and give you just a sneak peak of what you can
expect, the host will begin the interview with the following:

“*For this episode, we greet Cindy Maher, the Iowa State Coordinator of the
IAGenWeb. If you’ve used the IAGenWeb, this episode will help you
understand what the organization has to offer, how you can participate and
take advantage of the worthwhile projects the organization has underway,
and how to best support them by volunteering and donating. Have fun and
find out more about the Organization, the services it offers, and how you
can help, by listening to this interview. The Iowa GenWeb is truly one of
our nation's Preservation Oaks! The contact information for the
Organization:  https://iagenweb.org <  https://iagenweb.org/>*”

Team, I tried my hardest to make you all proud! Hope I pulled that off! 😊
I'd like to ask you to help promote IAGenWeb by sending the message below
to your county's genealogical societies.  Thanks, everyone!

Mark your calendars for June 20th.  On this day, a podcast, hosted by
Preservation Oaks and featuring IAGenWeb will be released worldwide.
IAGenWeb's State Coordinator, Cindy Booth Maher, through an interview, will
help listeners understand what IAGenWeb has to offer, how to participate
and take advantage of the many worthwhile projects IAGenWeb has underway.

On June 20, you will be able to listen to the podcast at:

reservationoaks.podbean.com #IAGenWeb #iowa #genealogy #preservationoak

Your support makes IAGenWeb possible.
~Visit The Friends of IAGenWeb today~

Linda K. Lewis
National Coordinator
The USGenWeb℠ Project
Free Genealogy for 25 Years

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