Motion 2020/21-14 Proposed Bylaw Amendment (2)

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May 10, 2021, 7:52:00 AMMay 10
to,,,,, Tina Vickery, Pat Asher
Having heard no discussion in the allotted time period, and with all Advisory Board members responding, the motion passes. The Election Committee will be advised to include the proposed amendment listed on in the ballot of the upcoming general election.

"I move, by general consent, that the Election Committee be instructed to add the proposed amendment to remove the requirements from the Bylaws at Bylaw XII. State Projects, Paragraph B, that the states connect to the WorldGenWeb Project, as posted on, and sponsored by MNGenWeb, and co-sponsored by NVGenWeb, NDGenWeb, AKGenWeb, IAGenWeb, and MTGenWeb, to the 2021 election ballot for a vote by the membership, as stated below: 

"Proposed Bylaw Amendment
Under the Amendment procedures listed in the Bylaws, MNGenWeb Project is proposing a Bylaw Amendment to revise Bylaw XII. State Projects Paragraph B as follows:

"B. The state website shall include direct links to the county pages, The USGenWeb Project national website, The USGenWeb Project Archives (Digital Library) at both their own state and the national levels, The USGenWeb Project's Guidelines/Standards for county websites (which includes a link to the Official Project Name/Logo page), [and] The USGenWeb Project Copyright Information page (,) and the WorldGenWeb Project.
By removing the required link to the WorldGenWeb Project. Inserting the word ‘and’ in front of The USGenWeb Project Copyright Information page and adjusting the punctuation accordingly.

Tim Stowell, MNGenWeb State Coordinator
Karen De Groote, MNGenWeb Assistant State Coordinator
"Co-sponsor 1: NVGenWeb; Rebecca Maloney SC; received 4/25/2021
Co-sponsor 2: NDGenWeb; Michelle Savre, SC; received 4/25/2021
Co-sponsor 3: AKGenWeb; Jeannette Harper SC; received 4/26/2021
Co-sponsor 4: IAGenWeb; Conni McDaniel Hall, SC; received 4/29/2021
Co-sponsor 5: MTGenWeb; Karen De Groote, SC; received 4/30/2021"

Members responding No Discussion:
Linda Simpson
Lesley Shockey
Mike Peterson
Dale H. Cook
Nancy Janyszeski
Bob Jenkins
David Gochenour
MaryAlice Schwanke
Trish Elliott-Kashima
Denise Wells
Mary Ann Lubinsky
Rebecca Maloney
Doreen Harunaga-Ewing
Jeffrey Kemp

Members not responding:

Linda K. Lewis
National Coordinator
The USGenWeb Project ®
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