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Aug 2, 2022, 9:01:19 PM8/2/22
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The 2022 Election results are submitted below, for the record, by Pat Asher, EC Dataset Manager. Thank you, Pat, and congratulations to all the candidates! While there may not have been choices for each seat this election, each vote expresses the opinion of an active member who cares deeply about our Project. Thank you for voting! 
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From: Pat Asher <pjr...@att.net>
To: "Linda K. Lewis" <webm...@cottonhills.com>
Cc: Election Committee <usgw-el...@googlegroups.com>
Date: 08/02/2022 10:14 AM EDT
Subject: 2022 Election Results
To: Linda K. Lewis, NC;

Please post results to Board-L and forward as appropriate to USGenWeb Mail lists.
The USGW Election Committee would like to thank all of the candidates and voters for participating in the election process. Below are the results of the 2022 National Election.

Total Members: 990        
Registered to Vote: 655 (66.16%)
Passwords Sent:    227 (34.66%)
Eligible NC: 227 90 (39.64%)
Eligible NENC CC: 84 - Voted: 30 (35.71%)
Eligible NENC SC: 18 - Voted:  9 (50.00%)
Eligible NWPL CC: 73 - Voted: 33 (45.21%)
Eligible SEMA CC: 64 - Voted: 20 (31.25%)
Eligible SEMA SC: 18 - Voted:  7 (38.89%)
Eligible SWSC CC: 84 - Voted: 35 (41.67%)
Eligible SWSC SC: 29 - Voted: 14 (48.28%)

The EC declares Linda K. Lewis the winner
National Coordinator: Linda K. Lewis 90 (100.00%)

The EC declares Mary Ann Lubinsky the winner.
NENC CC: Mary Ann Lubinsky 30 (100.00%)

The EC declares Nancy Janyszeski the winner.
NENC SC: Nancy Janyszeski 9 (100.00%)

The EC declares Michael Peterson the winner.
NWPL CC: Michael Peterson 33 (100.00%)

The EC declares Linda Blum-Barton the winner.
SEMA CC: Linda Blum-Barton 20 (100.00%)

The EC declares Jeff Kemp the winner.
SEMA SC: Jeff Kemp 7 (100.00%)

The EC declares Mary Alice Schwanke the winner.
SWSC CC: Mary Alice Schwanke 35 (100.00%)

The EC declares Linda Simpson the winner.
SWSC SC: Linda Simpson 14 (100.00%)

Pat Asher
EC Dataset Manager
Linda K. Lewis
National Coordinator
The USGenWeb℠ Project
Free Genealogy for over 25 Years
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