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Randy C

Jul 4, 2022, 3:20:18 PM7/4/22
Good Morning,

I found the state coordinators group and spent some time lurking there
lately. Two conversations I read got into discussing the idea of
USGenWeb and Wordpress and I had no way to interject. So I am posting
here in hopes my message gets out.

During their debating there are two big downsides that come up. One
is, once a CC is allowed to change a site to Wordpress format, it will
be extremely hard to return it to HTML. Coincidentally, I have just
discovered a free WordPress plugin that automatically does that, so I
wanted to mention it: ""

The other big downside everybody mentions is how hard it is to change
a site from HTML to Wordpress in the first place.
I have completely re-done 3 counties in the past year or so, and even
a regular HTML site is a bunch of work! Because I found that I could
change a site back to HTML so easily, I have decided to try one with
Wordpress, locally on my computer.

Randy Cummings
CC Boundary, Bonner, Shoshone IDGenWeb
Lincoln MTGenWeb
Ashtabula OhGenWeb
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