Next Sydney PLT meetup is on Tuesday 9th July

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Ben Lippmeier

Jul 6, 2019, 5:03:41 AM7/6/19
Various programming languages diaspora are meeting monthly on Tuesday evenings, two weeks after FP-Syd. This is an informal gathering and discussion without pre-prepared talks. All interested parties are welcome. 

The Local Taphouse
122 Flinders St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
7pm Tuesday, 9th July 2019

If you arrive and can’t find us then call Ben Lippmeier +61 421 381 880.


Current projects include:

Tako: An experimental programming language for ergonomic software verification using Hoare Logic.

Salt: The compilation target that functional programmers always wanted. Salt is what you get when you leave C out in the sun for too long. Now comes with a partially baked VSCode language server plugin. Repo is at

Discus: An experimental dialect of Haskell that investigates static typing and program transformation in the presence of computational effects. DDC is the compiler for it. More info at

Accelerate: An embedded language for accelerated array processing on GPGPUs. More info at

If any of the attendees have another project they want publicised then reply to this mail, or let me know for next month and I’ll include it.

Notes from last meeting
Attendees (5): Ben L, Andrae, Josh P, Amos, Erik

Amos: Started at Ghost Locomotion to work on their streaming control system for self driving cars.

Erik: Writing websockets code in Haskell for IOHK.

Erik: Mentions good experience with VSCodium — a version of VSCode with the Microsoft trackers taken out.

Ben / Amos / Andrae: Paper “Smart Contracts as Authorized Production Rules” was accepted to PPDP.

Ben: Reading about Graal / Truffle project which is a framework for building JIT-ting interpreters for JVM. It uses a graphical intermediate language rather than one based around named binders and a-normal form. Thorin is another graph based intermediate language where binding is expressed in the graph structure rather than via binders. 

Ben: Discussion of recent Kinds are Calling Conventions paper, a follow up to Types are Calling Conventions. The former provides a functional intermediate representation where eta-conversion transforms are semantically valid (unlike in GHC core). This is done by introducing a new form of function binder (lambda) that introduces "implicit call-by-name evaluation”, meaning that when closures are formed their free variables are automatically substituted for rather than being shared via the closure.

Josh: Recently started on the Tako project which is an experimental language with support for verification with Hoare Logic. Hopefully we’ll get a FP-Syd talk about it soon!

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