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Ben Lippmeier

Oct 28, 2018, 2:00:53 AM10/28/18
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Hi Tom, 
This is in reply to a question on IRC. I’ve been offline while travelling for a few weeks, but am back now.

> What is the status with discus and networking?  Should I look into adding posix calls?

Maciej Bielecki made a start here:

This is currently a separate repo, but one we have something that looks like a completeish library we should probably merge it into the main ddc repo. This code defines its own Socket effect.

I haven’t tried to build the code recently, you may need to update the syntax of type abstractions and applications as that changed a few months ago. Eg, change this:

write   : [r : Region]. FD -> Word64# -> Nat# -> S (SOCKET + Read r)  Word64

 to this:

write   : {@r : Region} -> FD -> Word64# -> Nat# -> S (SOCKET + Read r)  Word64

Also in applications, change this:

vectorAlloc# [r] size_sockaddr

to this

vectorAlloc# {@r} size_sockaddr


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