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Nov 8, 2021, 5:32:08 AM11/8/21
to dirac-users
Dear Dirac expert,

Could you help me understand the mem set of DIRAC, like 
For the below information "  ** interface to 64-bit integer MPI enabled **

DIRAC master    (comput43) starts by allocating     2147000000 r*8 words (  15.996 GB) of memory
DIRAC nodes 1 to 9 starts by allocating          2147000000 r*8 words (  15.996 GB) of memory
DIRAC master    (comput43) to allocate at most      4294000128 r*8 words (  31.993 GB) of memory
Note: maximum allocatable memory for master+nodes can be set by -aw (MW)/-ag (GB) flags in pam
DIRAC nodes 1 to 9 to allocate at most           4294000128 r*8 words (  31.993 GB) of memory
 Not enough memory available when attempting to allocate           16380 Mb in s
 ubroutine MAIN__+0x956                               
I am asking 16G, or 16+32=48G  or (16+32)*10=480G mem ?  and the printing out of ' node 1 to 9' let me feel confused since I am submitting the job in one node machine. The used command is like "$DIRAC/build/pam --mpirun=../bin/mpirun   --mpi=$NP  --machfile $PBS_NODEFILE --ag=32.0 --gb=16.0  " with "nodes=1:ppn=10". I feel it is unreasonable mpi runing asks for np ( like 10 here) times of mem in one node . 

Thank you very much!

Best regards,



Nov 19, 2021, 9:15:02 PM11/19/21
to dirac-users
Dear Dirac experts,

 After much time practice, I find '--ag and --gb'  are total memory here, gb is like VIRT of one node, and just because it is VIRT, sometimes ag+gb can even be larger than the real one, but one job runs depending on if the real allocated memory for per core is large enough, which is total memory per node divided by the number of cores.  Hope I am getting this right, it is not so clear. 

Best regards,

Ilias Miroslav, doc. RNDr., PhD.

Nov 20, 2021, 12:14:17 AM11/20/21
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