the cheap Simple SDR, Mirics 2500 chipset

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Al Beard

Aug 4, 2022, 8:36:15 AMAug 4
Hi all,

Having succeeded adding FreeDV mode 700D into OpenWebRX,
both USB and LSB, we now need an Open Source (not SDRplay)
driver for the 2500 in OpenWebRX.

My OpenWebRX server:

uses a genuine SDRplay RSP1

On Github we have by Edouard Griffiths f4exb


Which has all the hard work done. All that is needed
is to splice it into OpenWebRX.

Any help appreciated.

Before the Big Bang, God, Sela.
OpenWebMail 2.53, nothing in the cloud.

Al Beard

Aug 16, 2022, 8:41:04 AMAug 16
Come on guys,

Do we have any Python programmers here?

Has anybody looked at whether in OpenWebRX the fifi_sdr works.
It provides an ALSA sound device and a LO frequency generator.

First problem is, "device" is not asked for in Settings.
I might have several sound cards in my system.
Also needs to be Stereo for I and Q.

I have the fifi_sdr "seen" by Settings -> Feature Report
(An executable script rockprog)
I have a Behringer UCA202 stereo USB audio device, "seen" by
the utility used ie. "arecord".

But consistently get "Data Format Error" as, from what I see,
OpenWebRX processes data as Floats. "arecord" provides 16bit ints.

Perseus SDR is another option, not using the "connector" stuff.

Why am I not on the OpenWebRX email group, the moderator doesn't
like me!

I put positive suggestions!!

This is a complex beast but when running, is the basis of KIWIsdr
and that has become closed source. Modes such FreeDV Codec2 mode 700D are
not supported.

I'm trying to provide an easy way to decode Codec2 with a cheap SDR.


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Mooneer Salem

Aug 16, 2022, 3:50:23 PMAug 16
Hi Alan,

I do have Python experience, but unfortunately I haven't used or looked into OpenWebRX. Hopefully you find an answer to your question.


-Mooneer K6AQ

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