IARU band plan revisions that may affect digital voice

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Mooneer Salem

Oct 2, 2021, 10:50:50 PM10/2/21
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Hi all,

I found a presentation given at the IARU 2021 virtual conference outlining a possible consolidation of the individual region band plans into a unified global one. A copy of the presentation is at https://www.hamradio.me/graphs/IARU2021/IARU2021BandPlan.pdf (with the original accessible by going to https://www.iarur3conf2021.org/documents/). As part of this, digital voice's center of activity is set to end up at the following locations:

80 meters: 3.690 MHz
60 meters: None assigned
40 meters: 7.065 MHz
30 meters: N/A
20 meters: 14.130 MHz
17 meters: 18.150 MHz
15 meters: 21.180 MHz
12 meters: 24.940 MHz
10 meters: 28.330 MHz

Anyway, this is mainly FYI. I don't foresee much changing for FreeDV (in the US, anyway) as several of the above frequencies conflict with current FCC rules--not to mention that we're not necessarily required to use the above)--but discussion is still welcome.


-Mooneer K6AQ

Mel Whitten

Oct 3, 2021, 10:30:10 AM10/3/21
to digita...@googlegroups.com

Several years ago Digital Voice on 14.236 was added to the ARRL’s “Considerate Operator’s Frequency Guide.”  This guide is published once a year in QST magazine.  I wish it was published every month.   I believe this guide could see some changes due to the proposed IARU band plan.  I don’t think the guide is “well read” but at least it is something that may be referred to when questions are asked (as would the IARU plan) about what frequencies are used for DV. 


Note: The IARU2021 Band Plan shows DV on 14.130.  14.236 has been in use about 15 years but if 14.130 would mean less SSB QRM, then maybe this is a “better” frequency?


Moving would be a disrupter for a while since former FreeDV docs and presentations have 14.236 as our primary frequency.  I would not recommend changing it until we see what comes out of this IARU plan which may take a while.


Thanks Mooneer for bringing this new plan to our attention.


Mel, K0PFX

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