FreeDV v1.9.8 released

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Mooneer Salem

Feb 6, 2024, 5:04:04 AMFeb 6
Hi all,

FreeDV v1.9.8 has been released, which contains the following content:

1. Bugfixes:
    * Prevent unnecessary recreation of resamplers in analog mode. (PR #661)
    * Better handle high sample rate audio devices and those with >2 channels. (PR #668)
    * Fix issue preventing errors from being displayed for issues involving the FreeDV->Speaker sound device. (PR #668)
    * Fix issue resulting in incorrect audio device usage after validation failure if no valid default exists. (PR #668)
    * Fix bug where PTT button background color doesn't change when toggling PTT via space bar. (PR #669)
    * Fix bug where FreeDV crashes if only RX sound devices are configured with mic filters turned on. (PR #673)
    * Fix Windows-specific off by one issue in FreeDV Reporter sorting code. (PR #681)
2. Enhancements:
    * Add Frequency column to RX drop-down. (PR #663)
    * Update tooltip for the free form text field to indicate that it's not covered by FEC. (PR #665)
    * Enable use of space bar for PTT when in the FreeDV Reporter window. (PR #666)
    * Move TX Mode column to left of Status in FreeDV Reporter window. (PR #670)
    * Add heading column to FreeDV Reporter window. (PR #672, #675)
    * Prevent FreeDV Reporter window from being above the main window. (PR #679)
    * Add support for displaying cardinal directions instead of headings. (PR #685)
3. Code cleanup:
    * Move FreeDV Reporter dialog code to dialogs section of codebase. (PR #664)

More information and download links can be found at


-Mooneer K6AQ

Feb 6, 2024, 11:01:54 AMFeb 6

Here’s the direct link to the software release.


It appears that the previous hyperlink did not work.


Release v1.9.8 · drowe67/freedv-gui (






Mooneer Salem

Feb 6, 2024, 12:05:58 PMFeb 6
Oops, thanks Walter for the fixed link!

-Mooneer K6AQ

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