Digital Curation

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The digital curation domain is fortunate to have a diverse set of institutional and consortial efforts, software projects, and standardization initiatives.  Many discussion lists have been created for these individual efforts. The digital-curation discussion list is intended to be a public forum that encourages cross-pollination across these project and institutional boundaries in order to foster wider awareness of project- and institution-specific work and encourage further collaboration.

Topics of conversation may include:

  • digital repository software (Fedora, DSpace, EPrints, etc.)
  • management of digital formats (JHOVE, djatoka, etc.)
  • use and development of standards (OAIS, OAI-PMH/ORE, MPEG21, METS, BagIt, etc.)
  • issues related to identifiers, packaging, and data transfer
  • best practices and case studies around curation and preservation of digital content
  • repository interoperability
  • conference, workshop, tutorial announcements
  • recent papers 
  • job announcements
  • general problems, solutions, itches to be scratched
Please, do not post straight up advertising for commercial software or services. If you do you will be removed from the list.