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romain guedj

May 17, 2022, 8:41:46 AMMay 17
to Digital Curation

Hi All,

I am looking for someone who has experience in the ingest and treatment of Adobe illustrator files from digital archive or photographic fonds at the LAC.

Below is a short description of the project.

 Particularly, we have received a photographic fonds composed approx with 55 000 files. We have started to design a plan to ingest Adoble Illustrator files of the fonds.

One of the challenging part is that a batch of files have dependencies to other files which could be ai, Tiff or JPG files.

We have already extracted some metadata with the path of those files. Both paths are absolute path so they do not match with the current path of the archive store on different supports (HD, USB key and CD-R).

A master file could have multiple dependencies. Some ai dependencies could also have depencies as well. So it would be necessary to make a recursive analysis.

From now, we plan to

make a copy of the fonds

remove duplicates

identify the dependency

match old absolute file path with new one

update the metadata of dependencie for each master ai files (with exiftool)

create new ai file, a preservation copy (pdf A or svg or tiff), an access copy (pdf)

document all the work in Mets file.

We would like to design an automatic ingest but we would face some exceptions like

  • duplicates
  • few dependicies may be absent from the deposit we hold
  • few dependcies have different name but are siblings (check by hash)
  • few dependencies have same name but are different (hash again)


Before to start to develop our own script I am wondering if you guys have already done such ingest process. 

Thank you in advance for sharing any experience close to this project.


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