Oracle - compare databases and do not report previously found discrepancies

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Radek Kupka

Feb 27, 2015, 6:34:10 AM2/27/15
Hi all,

  I am looking on web for a good tool which allow us to check differences between more environments. I briefly checked

We are delivering SW and it is installed to more environments. There are many db patches and after some time, we have difference in db objects. That's why I would like to establish some procedure for regular checking of db differences, right after deployment of db patches.

We have established and "etalon database", which is the one, that we believe, that contains all fixes. Let's call it db-etalon

I understand, we can make a difference between 2 databases with diffkit. What I wanted is to ask, if there is possibility to compare 2(or more) environments, while not considering previously find discrepancies, which we investigated, and concluded, that those are not relevant(like grants).

Meaning, that I imagine, that I would make a comparision of 2 databases which should contain same patches and should be same structure. From last time I know, that there is a difference in one table on db-2, where one column is missing while it exists on db-etalon. So I have a separate file, where I put this exception and it will not appear in the final CSV anymore.

I can imagine, that I would do it by joing 2 sources, but I am not sure about it.

Is something like this possible ?

Thank you for your answer.

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