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Brent Yorgey

Apr 30, 2018, 3:47:22 PM4/30/18
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Hi all,

It's a little hard to believe, but exactly ten years ago today, a certain library was uploaded to Hackage for the first time:

Of course none of that original code survives (and good riddance!) but the idea lives on.  Development has been rather slow recently what with new jobs and new babies and all that good stuff, but it is by no means dead!  Here's what's happening at the moment:
  • We're a bit (OK, a lot) behind on getting things updated for GHC 8.4, lens-4.16, etc., but chipping away at it bit by bit.
  • Last summer I completely rewrote the active library.  I'm really happy with the result, and working on writing it up as a paper to submit to FARM this summer.  The library itself is pretty much ready to go, but requires some updates to diagrams which are technically breaking changes, so I've been waiting to release it. The most up-to-date version is here: https://github.com/diagrams/active/tree/new-active 
  • Chris Chalmers rewrote a ton of diagrams internals, resulting in better performance, support for traversals, no more backend token, and a new spinoff 'geometry' library which encapsulates all the non-diagrams-specific geometric code we've developed so it can be more easily reused by others.  He and I have been working (slowly but surely) on cleaning it up, rewriting documentation, etc. in preparation for a diagrams 2.0 release, hopefully sometime this summer.  If anyone else wants to help you're certainly welcome!
Today also happens to be the deadline for HCAR submissions. I've attached an updated entry for diagrams; any feedback is welcome.

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