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Janet Gilmore

Apr 10, 2021, 9:06:07 AM4/10/21
to dharmata sangha
Hi everyone,

First things first:  Anam Thubten is offering a virtual retreat on Lojong / Mind Training next weekend April 17-18. For more information and to register:  http://lojong-retreat.eventbrite.com

It's hard to believe we've been sequestered for over a year and have only been able to gather and see each other through the mysterious miracle of technology --sound and visual being deconstructed into coded bits, transmitted over miles and, in some cases, thousands of miles, and reconstructed on the other end.    It's odd how quickly and easily I take it for granted, this extraordinary and precious capability and the effort of millions of people that have made it possible. I'm very grateful for this technical miracle --even though I can barely fathom it-- and for all of you. It strikes me as ironically hilarious that we have so much trouble accepting that a practice like Tonglen--where we take on suffering and send out compassion, love, joy and relief from suffering-- could have any impact, yet we yawningly and routinely accept this exchange of molecules that  provides an ongoing realtime and personal interface to our sangha, friends and coworkers without even giving it a second thought.

This Tuesday, April 13th, we mark our 1st anniversary of Morning Meditation together on zoom.  When we started this practice, we said we'd take it week-to-week and see how it goes.  It's been working out pretty well for a number of us, so we will continue doing it that way. Next week, I'll be going on a road trip for about a week and a half so the daily meditation practices will be led by other voices, but the schedule remains Monday-Friday from 7:30-8:15.

Upcoming Dharmata Austin Schedule:

Sunday April 11: 10-noon, Practice & Dharma Talk:  Janet on Slogans 41 & 42 (and tangentially 43):

41. Two activities: one at the beginning, one at the end.
42. Whichever of the two occurs, be patient.
43. Guard these two even at the risk of your life.

Friday April 16:  6:30-8 pm., Dharma Study Group:  Discussion Sam Harris podcast -- Final Thoughts on Free Will (last session for this topic and then will return to a weeknight -- next topic or book TBD)

Sunday April 18:  10-noon, Practice & Dharma Talk by Justin

Zoom link for all Austin events:
Meeting ID: 399 970 8495
Passcode: 042738

please take care of yourselves and each other, 


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