Join us in making a three-month commitment to practice during this year’s Vassa

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Dhammadharini Monastery

Jul 27, 2023, 7:13:48 PMJul 27
to Dhammadharini

Join us in making a three-month commitment to practice during this year’s Vassa

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Dear Dhamma friends,

This coming week is time for friends from near and far to join with the Dhammadharini Bhikkhunī Sangha, as we prepare to enter the monastic three-month rains retreat — the Vassa

Since ancient times, Vassa is a time when the Buddhist bhikkhus and bhikkhunis take up residence in one place for the three months of the Indian monsoon season, where they are invited, welcomed and offered support by the local people. Staying together in community, they may increase their commitment to meditation and study of the Dhamma and Vinaya.  It is a time of traditional monastic Bhikkhu-Bhikkhuni Vinaya Studies, as well as for the blessing of Dhamma discussion among the monastics, with monastic life aspirants, and with the supporting and participating lay practitioners.

You are invited to undertake your own personal Vassa Adhiṭṭhana, a resolution to be observed throughout the Vassa. You may write your personal adiṭṭhāna resolution here on this Bodhi leaf, send a copy to Dhammadharini for others to see and appreciate, and keep the original posted in your place of residence as a reminder. 


For example, a Vassa adhiṭṭhāna could be —

  • a practice commitment in line with Dhammadharini’s 2023 Vassa theme of reflection (Paccavekkhana)  “The Mirror of Dhamma: Self-knowledge Effectively Engaging the Path”

  • a practice of greater simplicity and mindfulness with the requisites of life; 

  • regularly taking the Eight Uposatha Precepts on full moon,new moon and quarter moon days, or even for the entire Vassa.

  • regularly supporting and participating with the Dhammadharini Bhikkhunī Sangha.

More ways to participate and support:  Dhammadharini will be offering a variety of occasions.  Please visit here for details about all our events.

  • Saturday, July 29th: Join together with 2023 Vassa and Kathina sponsors, Chathuri Senanayake & Dilshan Amarathunga Family, will be leading up our whole community in offering the “Invitation to Enter the Vassa” (Vassa Arādhana) to our Bhikkhuni Sangha. This is the formal invitation for our monastics to dwell, practice and teach at our Dhammadharini Monastery in Penngrove in the San Francisco North Bay, and at our Aranya Bodhi forest hermitage on the Sonoma Coast for the 2023 CE / 2567 BE Vassa. Details here

  • Sunday, July 30:  Special Sutta Study program in person or by zoom, focusing on “The Four Resolutions (Adiṭṭhāna) in the Exposition on the Elements” MN 140 

  • Tuesday night August 1:  Special Asalha Dhammacakka program by zoom, about the great events in the Buddha’s life which are commemorated on this “Wheel Turning” day.  August 1 is the actual full moon, with a beautiful “supermoon” moonrise at 8:56 pm pdt. Register here to participate

  • The Chathuri Senanayake & Dilshan Amarathunga Family invites you to join together in supporting our Bhikkhuni Sangha Vassa this year. The traditional four requisites are food, lodgings, robes and medicine. You can support from near and far, by offering a financial donation, useful requisites of life, or join in offering volunteer service.

  • You may also offer groceries and a hot meal to the resident Vassa practice community; welcome to contact the monastery (at and we will put you in touch with our Dana Coordinator to learn more.

  • Participate in Dhammadharini’s Dhamma and meditation programs. Visit here for details.

    • Uposatha Sila Daylong meditation programs at Dhammadharini Monastery August 12, September 16, October 14 (tentative dates, will be confirmed) 

    • Volunteer Days at Aranya Bodhi Hermitage August 19-20 and September 23-24 (tentative dates) 

    • Volunteer Day at Dhammadharini Monastery October 7

    • Daylong retreat led by Ayya Sobhana at the Wat Buddhanusorn in Fremont “Love, Suffering, Death & Being with the Dhamma” August 26

    • Honoring the 100th birth anniversary of Ayya Khema, August 27 (tentative date, tbd)

    • Zoom retreat led by Ayya Sobhana on the Four Nutriments of Life (Āhāra) September 8-10

    • International Bhikkhuni Day Founding Anniversary of the Bhikkhuni Sangha Program September 30.

    • weekly meditation and sutta study programs at Dhammadharini Monastery every Sunday

    • Weekly guided meditation and Dhamma discussion by Zoom, every Tuesday

    • Kathina at Dhammadharini Monastery “Offering the Robe of Merit” November 4 (save the date)

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