Weathering the storms: Supporting our Dhammadharini Community

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Dhammadharini Support Foundation

Feb 9, 2024, 3:30:02 PMFeb 9
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Dear ones in Dhamma, benefactors and supporters of our Bhikkhuni Sangha,

Blessings to our dear community during these strong winter storms. 

Thank you very much to all of you for your love and care, and for all who've been checking in on us during these strong and ongoing winter storms at our Aranya Bodhi forest hermitage on the Sonoma Coast and Dhammadharini Monastery (Dhammadharini Sonomagiri Bhikkhuni Arama) in the Sonoma Mountain area of the San Francisco North Bay.

Thankfully all are well.

Through this big series of atmospheric river storms here in Northern California we have felt the power of your blessings, and we have been safe.


Raindrop on our Bodhi Tree at Dhammadharini in Penngrove

From Ayya Tathaloka: 

There is a lovely teaching of the Buddha's, the Upanisa Sutta that goes ~

“Just as, bhikkhus, when rain pours down in thick droplets on a mountain top, the water flows down along the slope and fills the cleft, gullies, and creeks; these being full fill up the pools; these being full fill up the lakes; these being full fill up the streams; these being full fill up the rivers; and these being full fill up the great ocean; so too, with ignorance as proximate cause, (volitional) karmic formations come to be; with [ignorance-imbued] volitional karmic formations as proximate cause, [ignorant-karma-imbued] consciousness …[through to 'this whole mass of suffering'.]"*

And then it continues on to what is called 'transcendent dependent origination' in which the cycle is turned the other way.

For it says that, beginning "with suffering as cause," it is possible to go a different way. It is possible to turn these cycles in an entirely different direction. In this case, a confidence-based meditative progression leads up to "through seeing and knowing things as they really are," and from there, liberation. And then, "the knowledge and vision" of liberation. The freedom of heart and of mind that offers not only awakened perspective, but also a freedom of action, coming from that knowledge and vision.

Saṁvega arises...

Let us not just continue on and on with cycles of ignorance and suffering. But as much as we can, let us bring wise faith, joy, meditative contemplation and insight to bear upon all conditions.

Aranya Bohdi weathering the storm

In weathering the storms there is also the natural business of the aftermath and moving forward.  

There has been damage sustained and work needed for repair and restoration. 

Projects for support:

Road Work At Aranya Bodhi

As our abundant forest becomes waterlogged our road increases its need for love and care. At this time, there is one section of our gravel road which remains wet, muddy and in danger of erosion. It can be stabilized by redirecting a small spring on the uphill side. Another section of our gravel road has not been tended for more than 12 years. This section is not used by visitors, but the Fire Department asks us to upgrade it so they can get in to do their work in case of a wildfire. Other sections need to be maintained every few years to prevent potholes and erosion. Mark Mann, our road contractor, comes from a family that's lived one ridge over from the hermitage for several generations. He has a deep understanding of our local geology, and has taught us how to cooperate with the nature of the  earth and water … not trying to fight it.  Like an artist, he has already sculpted several sections so the rainwater slides gently and harmlessly over the roads without eroding them.  We have the greatest confidence in his recommendations.

$25,000 is needed to complete this important work.

Clearing a down redwood at Dhammadharini

Tree work at Dhammadharini

A large section of redwood tree at the monastery has fallen due to high winds creating damage on our property as well as our neighbor’s property.  Funds will cover the tree removal and fence repairs. 

$3,000 is needed for this timely repair.  


"In generosity and helping others: be like a river. In compassion and grace: be like the sun."-Rumi

Even in challenging circumstances, one can embody the qualities of generosity and compassion. A river flows continuously, providing nourishment to the land it passes through, regardless of obstacles. Similarly, the sun shines its light and warmth, demonstrating compassion without discrimination. This encourages us all to maintain a generous and compassionate spirit, offering our drops of support and kindness to others to shine a light through any storm.

With a determined heart,

Paula Snow

Dhammadharini Support Foundation

Director of Development

P.S>  Dhammadharini Monastery is a non-profit organization that only exists through the generosity of our community. If you have already made a tax-deductible contribution this year, on behalf of our whole community of supporters and participants, I offer deep bows of gratitude. If you have not given yet, please consider doing so today.


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