March 21st New Moon: Dhammadharini Winter Retreat Uposatha program (No. 5 of 6)

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Mar 15, 2023, 12:34:05 PMMar 15

Returning Home to the Satipatthanas: 

Where the Whole Path Comes Together”

2023 Winter Retreat Uposatha Program

New Moon Tuesday March 21st
(Uposatha program no. 5 of 6)

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Phases of the Moon at Dusk with sprouts of spring leaves & flowers | image source

Warm greetings, dear Venerable monastics & Dhamma friends,

We are now coming into the final few weeks of our winter retreat. For our next upcoming program, on the March 21st New Moon Uposatha, our Uposatha night Dhamma & Meditation program on Dhammānupassanā will be offered by Ven. Ayya Tathaloka Theri, who will have just freshly emerged from one month of silent secluded personal retreat. We are grateful for this precious opportunity to hear the Dhamma and share in the benefits of her retreat practice! Register here to join.

Ayya Tathaloka Anjali.png

We will be sharing two programs on the New Moon Uposatha Day:

Uposatha New Moon Morning Program led by Ayya Brahmavara

  • 8:30am: Uposatha Morning Refuges and Eight Uposatha Precepts

Uposatha New Moon Night Program led by Ayya Tathaloka

  •  7-9pm: Meditation & Sharing Dhamma

If joining from afar, please note: the time and dates above are given in Pacific Daylight Time (in PDT, not PST) for San Francisco, California, USA. Please see below for more time zones or use a time zone converter for your local times. All of the events will be streamed on | Dhammadharini Monastery, so you can watch live or at your most suitable time.




Central Europe

India/Sri Lanka


Refuges & Precepts

8:30 am 

Tues 3/21

11:30 am 

Tues 3/21

4:30 pm 

Tues 3/21

5:30 pm 

Tues 3/21

10:00 pm 

Tues 3/21

11:30 pm 

Tues 3/21

Meditation, Dhamma Reflection & Discussion

7:00 pm

Tues 3/21

10:00 pm 

Tues 3/21

3:00 am 

Wed 3/22

4:00 am 

Wed 3/22

8:30 am 

Wed 3/22

10:00 am 

Wed 3/22

In between the online sessions, we invite you to join us in contemplating the Dhamma and developing your practice of the Four Satipatthanas as much as you can, throughout all your waking hours. These lives are very precious and pass fast. There is so much of value that can be gained from the Satipatthana practice.

To register and participate in the programs on Tuesday, please register on our website if you haven’t already done so. If you’ve already registered, no need to do so again - there is a single registration for the whole full Winter Retreat program. 

Please note: Because this Uposatha falls on a Tuesday, this will be combined with our usual Tuesday evening Dhamma program, and both the morning and the evening Uposatha programs will use the Tuesday program Zoom link. The correct link will be sent to everyone registered. 

All of our winter retreat programs may be found on our "2023 Winter Retreat Uposatha Program" playlist. If you missed the last evening Uposatha program with special guest teacher Ven. Sayadaw U Jagara, you may find that recording on our YouTube channel here:

You may also be interested to look at the teachings on Dhammānupassanā from Abhayagiri Monastery, just to our north, where Dhammānupassanā has been the theme for their whole 2023 Winter Retreat. A playlist of those teachings may be found on their YouTube channel:  

All Dhamma programs are freely offered as Dhamma Dana, in the way of the Buddha.
If you would like information on offering Dāna of useful requisites or supplies to our Bhikkhunīs’ community, or on how to join in supporting our Dhammadharini teachers and their efforts, the Dhammadharini Support Foundation is the steward of our Sangha. Please see their page on Thank you very much and “anumodana” to everyone for your support.

With much metta,

from the Dhammadharini Community

Dhammadharini Monastery
6791 Sturtevant Dr., Penngrove CA 94951
tel or text: +1 707.583.9522
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